Printing & Promotion

About US

We are South Georgia's best printing and promotional store!

Serving all of local community's product and marketing needs!

Whether it is screen printed clothing, embroideried shirts, or customized products, we have you covered!

Our screen printing allows for fast, mass-production of clothing for local business and events.

Our on-site embroidery allows for quick and easy customizations for shirts, hats, and more.

We have a vast assortment of products that can be customized with you logo. Visit our store to see some of them!

Local Store

Our local store has a wide selection of products and materials we have to offer, making it easy to see what you would like to order in-person.

Community Focus

Serving our local community for more than 30 years, we have helped countless individuals, groups, and businesses with their promotional marketing and event needs.

Home Team Spirit

We have all of your local school and coligate gear, so you can show everyone your home tea spirit!

Locally Owned

James Montgomery, and the team behind Montgomery Printing, are all members of the local community and they understand the importance of being able to work with a locally owned and operated business.

On-site Screen Printing

We have on-site screening printing, capable of handling all of your custom apparel needs for your party, event, or business

Rapid Production

Because our screen printing facilities are all on-site, we are able to rapidly produce large amounts of screen printed shirts. We offer discounts for bulk orders, with options for both black & white and color printing available.

Quality Assurance

We guarentee that each screen printed shirt is created with the highest quality that can be achieved. Because our screen printing facilities are on-site, we are able to ensure that each shirt meets the highest expectations of the customer and nothing less.

Local Embroidering Services

Our on-site embroidering services ensure that the local community can be served quickly and easily. Whether it is official logos for products, law and government badges for shirts, or any other kind of embroidery patch that is needed, Montgomery Printing has you covered!

Wide Range of Customization

We are able to create a wide range of embroidery customizations for your products. We offer a wide range of colored thread choices, to ensure your logo looks as incredible as it can.

Promotional Products For All Services

We offer a massive selection on all different kinds of promotional products that can be customized with your logo, image, or motto. Whether you want your logo on pens and cups, your event image on signs and banners, or your moto emblazened on USB Flash Drives and Portfolios, Montgomery Printing can customize your products exactly as you want!

Bulk-Order Savings

We offer discounts for ordering your products in bulk. Contact us to find out how much you can save by ordering your promotional products in bulk.

Come Visit Our Show Room!

Here you can see the wide variety of promotional products we have to offer. Whether it is screenprinting on shirts, embroidery for wearable products, or promotional products for your business, Montgomery Printing can handle all of your marketing needs!